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Docsmartz PDF Creator is technically advanced software that allows the users to convert to PDF in a single click. Users do not have to bother about the PDF files because the advanced software helps them to retain the original layout of editable files while carrying out the conversion procedure. As PDF files are considered to be the most secure, read-only form of document, the quality of PDF files makes them quite beneficial for making the information publicly available without any fear of tempering or misuse of the content.

When you convert to pdf, you are assured of the fact that this portable-sized file can be attached and uploaded easily. Moreover, the PDF files are free from the virus attack, and the user can protect the content with the help of a password. To offer you all these qualities in single software, we have designed easy-to-use software that is efficient in carrying out the conversion procedure within minutes.

Here are some of the highlighting features of PDF creator that enables you to convert files to pdf:
Easy Accessibility:
  • The PDF converter can be accessed in different ways. You can access it easily in the Add-Ins toolbar while working on MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • At the same time, the user can drag and drop any file on the icon of the software to start software’s application.
  • When you select a file and right-click the mouse, you can still access the software application and provide a command to convert to PDF.
  • The Internet Explorer permits the user to create PDF in a simple way.
  • There is one more method to start using the software by providing the ‘Print’ command and choosing Docsmartz PDF creator as the printer.
Batch Creation Facility:
  • The functionality of batch creation helps the users to convert different types of files, such as Word, Excel, Image, and PowerPoint to PDF, at once. Thus, it facilitates the users to save time and continue with the other important responsibilities smoothly.
Combining Files:
  • This software enables the users to combine PDF files into a single one, and manage the content of multiple files easily.
Adding Watermark:
  • User can add custom watermark on his PDF file by choosing the desired font, color, font style, font size, and rotation angle. It is also possible to save the watermark to reuse it, in the future. However, you can choose from the available watermarks.
Compatibility with PDF Readers:
  • Since, PDF files can't be viewed without using PDF reader, the software takes care that the newly created PDF file is compatible enough with the different types of PDF readers. Thus, your PDF creator will not just help you to convert files to PDF, but view the file, instantly.

There is much more to explore, and it is up to you that how well you are able to get acquainted with the software.

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