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  Instant solution to translate any printable
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  Quality and Size control of published PDF.
  Batch Processing & Merge multiple PDF.
  4 ways to access - Right Click the file or Microsoft/IE Add-Ins or Simply Drag and Drop or Print File using the 'PDF Creator' printer.
  Password protect the PDF.

Create PDF Files From Word Document With Docsmartz PDF Creator


A user-friendly PDF Creation tool, Docsmartz PDF Creator will let you create as well as customize any printable documents into PDF within seconds. PDF files are created without compromising on the quality of the output desired. The tool gives you 100% accuracy in terms of retaining the text style, page layout and images in the converted document. With flexible options such as watermark addition, password protection for files, right click access, and drag and drop creation features along with merging of multiple files, your PDF file creation process becomes easy and time saving. 


Convert to PDF File
Docsmartz PDF Creator Features
Hassle-free access to PDF Creator tool
  Convert to PDF File
  There are 4 easy methods to access this tool. Use drag and drop file feature to convert the files to PDF format. Drag the file on the icon of the software and tool would automatically open. Add-ins for Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint files, Outlook as well as Internet Explorer lets you create PDF files directly. You can simply right click on the file which you want to convert and create PDF. Apart from this, you can also create PDF file by giving a direct print command from the program.
  Batch Creation of PDF Files
Create PDF Files

With the help of this feature, you can Batch Create various files as per choice. Through Batch creation functionality, you can convert Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Image, Text and many more files all at once to PDF format.

  Merging of Multiple PDF Files
With this feature in Docsmartz PDF Creator, you can merge multiple PDF files into one single document in PDF format. You'll be amazed with the amount of time you will save for yourself and how easily you can manage multiple PDF files.
  Advanced Industry Compliant Security Options
Create PDF Files

With Advanced 40-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithms, you can increase the level of security for your PDF files. You can password-protect your PDF files and manage the various rights of the PDF document. When you activate a password on your PDF, no other person without the password would be able to edit, copy, view, comment or print the data from your files.


New Features in DocSmartz PDF Creator 5.0:

Compatibility with Windows 7:
    The new version of this tool has compatibility with Windows 7 - 64 bit. This makes it more flexible to use on any computer without any issues.  
  Integration with Microsoft Application:  
    Docsmartz PDF Creator has been integrated with various programs from Microsoft such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet Explorer. This permits users to create PDF within the specified programs, directly.  
  Usability Made Easier:  
    Batch Creation or Merging of multiple PDF files has been made even easier. With a single click, all these PDF creation activities can be done. Even clipboard images plus text content can be converted.  
  Improved Word and Excel Creation Options:  
    To convert Excel files into PDF format, you will get higher flexibility as you will be able to can select from options such as Fit worksheets, Whole workbook and Retain Excel comments in PDF file. Word Add-in offers support to various options such as bookmarks and retaining Word comments. The newer edition of the tool retains the summary details of the document as well.  
  Easy Overlay PDF Files:  
    You can easily overlay multiple PDF files into a single PDF file of your preference, which comprises images and text elements.  
  Better Display options of PDF Documents:  
    Advanced options are available in the new version of the PDF Maker software such as Zoom, selection of Page Layout and Mode and other display alternatives as well like Hide menu bar, Hide tool bar, etc.  
  Conversion into PDF/A:  
    PDF/Archive file format, this offers support to long-lasting archiving of various electronic documents. The revised version of this tool lets you create files in PDF/A when you select the format in the drop down option with 'Save as Type'.  
  Various Page Sizes Supported:  
    Numerous page sizes like 11x7, Ledger, A0, A1, A2, A4, etc. are supported by this Software when the converted PDF file needs to be published and printed.  
  Custom Compression feature:  
    You can easily use compression feature for easy conversion of PDF into Grayscale. You can also convert or customize monochrome images as well as fonts the way you want.  
  Clipboard Data Conversion into PDF:  
    You can do Clipboard data conversions into PDF which comprise of text and images. Click on the clipboard entry to initiate the process and create PDF files.  

Here is what you can do with the PDF Creator:

Quality control for PDF files
  You can have all the control over the PDF quality via numerous presets such as Printing, Standard, Press/Draft, Screen/Web-Email or other customizable options like grayscale conversion by mentioning the quality you desire. Your PDF creation experience will surely become a lot better with this.
Watermark your files
  For your PDF file, you can create your own watermark. You can create it by giving your own font, text, font style, color, size and rotation angle.
The design that has been created by you can be saved in the PDF Maker. Click on Save Watermark to save them so that you can use them later in the time of need. To access them later, click on the Sample watermark drop down button.
Conversion with drag and drop feature
  Simply drag the file you want to convert into PDF format on the icon of the tool on desktop. This would open the application for the user and you can create the PDF document.
Retention of Bookmarks
  You can save loads of time by retaining bookmarks in the created PDF files from Word file. Now you can easily access the links and see all the information you want.
Retention of comments from Word and Excel documents
  You can comfortably retain comments in the PDF file from Word/Excel with the features in this new version of the PDF Creator tool.
Improvised performance exhibited
  The new version of PDF Maker now offers improvised performance.
Display Settings
  With display properties like rotation style and degree, choose the way in which your PDF document is displayed.
Setting document properties
  Various options in Document Properties such as Author, Title, Keywords, and Subject can be set up as they will help you manage your documents in a better way.
Easy handling of application
  You do not have to be an expert to use this software. With the instructions provided in the tool, you can use the software comfortably.
Print to PDF format
  Just open the file that you want to translate and give Print command for the translation process. You need to select printer in the PDF Creator which you'll find under the list of printers. To select a location, click on Browse so that you can save the file. The last thing is to click on 'Convert' so that translation of PDF takes place and it can be saved in the location specified.
Compatibility with all PDF Readers
  The translated PDF file, created from any printable file has full compatibility with Acrobat Reader as well as other readers.
Complete support and flexibility provided to be used with numerous applications
  A file that is printable in Windows can be easily converted into PDF. The list comprises Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Photoshop, CAD, CorelDraw, Illustrator files etc.
PDF Files correct to the last inch
  The original files and created PDF files are exactly the same. Formatting, fonts, layout style, graphs, and images will be in their right places. So, every detail is preserved to the last inch.
Sharing of files made easy by the PDF Creator
  You can swiftly and easily share PDF files created. They are made lighter and smaller with the conversion. You can easily email the files or upload them or share them as you want.
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