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Docsmartz PDF Converter Professional provides a complete for all your PDF conversion needs. The advanced software from Docsmartz PDF family allows you to convert your PDF files to Doc, Excel, Text, Image as well as Postscript format with great ease. Big files, Multiple Files, Scanned PDF files can be converted to any format instantly with Docsmartz PDF Doc Converter software. The software has numerous in-built features and some of the key features are listed below.
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Docsmartz PDF Converter Pro 7.1
PDF to MS Word, Excel, Text and Images in seconds
Instantly Convert PDF to Word, Excel or Post Script
  Convert your PDF files with the new version of Docsmartz PDF Professional 7.1. The most advanced PDF conversion application lets you convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, Test, Post Script and Image format instantly with ease.
  OCR Scanned files to editable Word format
Docsmartz Professional 7.1 can easily convert all your scanned PDF files within minutes. Now, you can extract the complete text from you scanned PDF invoices, proposals, documents and more. Easily reuse all your content from scanned PDF documents.
  Batch Convert
All your PDF files can be converted to any format in one go now. With Docsmartz, you can select multiple PDF files and batch converts PDF to Text, Excel, Text or Image format in minutes.
  Image extraction
Extract all the images from your PDF files. Use images from PDF files in your web pages, proposal, presentations and more. Docsmartz allows you to extract images in multiple formats from the PDF files.
  Word to PDF
PDF is one of the best document sharing format used all across the world. Docsmartz PDF Converter allows you to create PDF files as well from your Word documents with a single mouse click.
  Multi-lingual Interface
Go International with Docsmartz PDF Converter Professional. Easily customize the user interface language by selecting from 9 international languages: English, Norwegian, French, German,Dutch, Swedish Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.
Docsmartz PDF Converter Pro Enables You to:
Swift Conversion of PDF to Excel format
  Docsmartz Pro lets you transform all your PDF files into MS Excel format with great ease. The complete PDF file gets converted into a single spreadsheet in excel file. This ensures easy access to date in the Excel files from PDF format. While conversion, multiple pages get properly separated by lines and are numbered accordingly after conversion.
PDF to Image Conversion
  Docsmartz is capable of converting your PDF files in the Image format. You can convert separate pages in the PDF file in different image formats. The application supports formats like JPEG, BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIFF, PBM, PNM & PPM format.
PDF to Post Script format conversion
  The advanced features in Docsmartz allow you to convert PDF files to Post Script format in a single click. You can now reuse all the content of your PDF files in Post Script format.
Re-Use text from PDF files.
  Reusing the content from PDF files is one of the biggest advantage of DocSmartz PDF conversion software. The application allows you to reuse the content from your PDF files in your web pages, excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and in any other way you like.
Efficient Handling of Rotated Text, Images and graphics
  The advanced features in Docsmartz PDF Conversion engine ensures that all the rotated text, image and graphic elements in your PDF file are retained after the conversion. So you don’t have to worry about losing any element from your PDF files post conversion. The application ensures that you get an exact mirror replica of your original PDF document after conversion.
Keep Intact all Hyperlinks and Bookmarks
  All the hyperlinks and bookmarks will stay intact after the conversion of any PDF files using Docsmartz. This enables you to access information through the links as done in the actual PDF file. Thus, no worries to lose any critical information post conversion. Buy Docsmartz Pro
Text and Column Formatting
  Docsmartz PDF conversion utility maintains the formatting for all the text and columns from a PDF file to a converted file. This makes editing of text in the PDF file and columns much easier after the conversion process.
Optimized Text Layout and Multi-column pages
  Multi column text layout in the PDF documents, while their conversion using Docsmartz Professional preserves the multi-column text and page layout as present in the original file. In the converted MS Word document, you can easily edit the text elements.
Convert JPX Image instantly
  Docsmartz PDF Professional capably creates a replica of the JPX images in the PDF files during the conversion to Word files. The quality of the JPX images stays same as in the original PDF file after conversion.
PDF 1.7 Compatible
  Docsmartz PDF Professional works efficiently with PDF 1.7 version for all the conversions.
Maintain Shadows in converted file
  The shadows for the text and font in the PDF files stay intact after the conversion of the PDF file to MS Word format. This is done to ensure that you get a mirror copy of your PDF document after conversion.
Improved Support for symbolic font types
  The latest version of this PDF conversion tool has been created in a way that every symbolic font is supported. The original PDF document and the converted document would display proper symbolic fonts in the same manner.
Supports Superscript and subscript
  New features added to the PDF software make superscript and subscript appear in same way as in the original PDF and converted Word document.
Enhanced font mapping
  This feature enables better mapping of the fonts in converted Word document with the original PDF. Font mapping ensures selection of the right set of fonts. Docsmartz PDF Pro has huge font database, which improves the existing font mapping features.
Enhanced Conversion Quality
  With numerous inbuilt features the overall conversion quality for a PDF document to any another format had improved tremendously.
Reduced File Size
  Optimized file conversion using Docsmartz Pro significantly reduces the files size of the converted file. This makes sure that you can easily share your converted documents without using much of bandwidth and system resources.
Small file size
  DocSmartz Pro with its capability optimizes the size of a file to the minimum that is possible. So, the converted file size could be significantly lowered. This helps in reducing the uploading and downloading time of a file.
Replicate Underlined Text
  Docsmartz Professional can easily replicate all the underline text from the PDF file in the converted document.
5500+ text fonts Supported
  The PDF conversion tool provides support for more than 5516 fonts for the conversion process. The tool can replicate text easily to the converted document. This makes the converted and original document almost same.
Stand Alone Application
  Docsmartz PDF Converter Pro is completely a stand-alone software application as it doesn’t depend upon MS Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other software for installation.
Multiple Users supported
  Post installation, Docsmartz Pro can be used by different users equally on a single machine. This single application will help all users with all their PDF conversion needs.
Multiple formatted text, flowing text, image only and As-Is options
  The unique coding adopted for creation of Docsmartz Professional allows the users to select from multiple conversion options like formatted text, As Is, flowing text and Image only. This allows the users to get more customization during the conversion process.
PDF Conversion with every detail
  Docsmartz PDF has been one of the most trusted brands for PDF conversion since years. Every PDF file converted with this application is done with utmost care. The application takes care of every single element of the original PDF and keeps that intact in the converted documents.
Retain 100% Original format
  You can retain 100% original format of your PDF. Be it images, graphs, tables, columns, labels or links, you get the converted file exactly the same as the original PDF document.
Extract Images as per choice
  With Docsmartz extract images from the PDF file in different formats as per your choice with a single click.
Extract Text as required
  Extract the text from your PDF files in formats like .doc, .txt or .rtf, .docx with Docsmartz PDF Professional.
9 International User Interface Languages
  The user interface of Docsmartz can be selected from different languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish or Portuguese.
Supported Partial Conversion
  With Docsmartz PDF Pro, you can convert selected PDF pages from a file. Just mention the page numbers you want to convert and those pages will be converted in the resultant file.
Step Wizard flow
  While using Docsmartz, you can choose to select the Wizard mode, where you will be guided in step by step manner for conversion of PDF files.
Add Custom Watermarks
  You can add any kind of Watermarks in your PDF file for conversion. Watermarks are one of the most commonly used elements for document personalization as well as security. You can choose from the sample watermarks in the application or create your own watermarks and apply them.
Drag and Drop files easily
  No need to browse and search for a file that you want to convert. Simply select the file you want to convert and drag and drop it to the screen of application. You can convert PDF files instantly and with ease.
Detailed Output Summary
  Post conversion, you can view the complete summary for the conversion process. Its very helpful in case of batch conversion.
Create PDF files easily
  Easy to use plug-in in MS Word lets you convert any of your Word file into PDF format with a single click.
Detailed Help file
  To get more help on the working of the software, you can use the inbuilt help file which has detailed instructions.
Dedicated Technical support
  From Docsmartz, you get 24 hour email and telephonic support for any kind of technical troubles.
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