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Docsmartz PDF to Word software is the most efficient PDF conversion software that can easily transform any PDF file into Microsoft Word format. PDF is one of the best document formats when it comes to document sharing. However, making changes in a PDF file is not an easy job. With our PDF conversion software, you can convert your PDF files easily, preserving the complete formatting and content. Easy to use and most affordable PDF application makes it the most preferred choice for all the users.
PDF To Word Conversion

Docsmartz PDF to Word Conversion software Enables:

Instant PDF to Word Conversion:
Instant PDF to Word converter from Docsmartz PDF Conversion software family enables you to instantly convert your PDF files to editable MS Word format. Easy and direct conversion makes management of your PDF Documents easier than ever before.
Easy editing of PDF files:
With Docsmartz PDF to Word software, you can easily convert your PDF files and seamlessly edit them in Microsoft Word after conversion. Extract the whole content and images from your PDF file in desired format for future use. With multiple conversion options, you can easily select from various options available for PDF conversion.
Re-use PDF files as per requirement:
Extracting the content from PDF files and reusing them has been one of the most challenging activity in past while dealing with PDF files. However, with Docsmartz PDF converting software, you can extract the content easily from your PDF files and reuse that in your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, web pages and lot more.
Keep rotated images, shapes, text and page:
Rotated Images, Text boxes, shapes and other graphical elements in your PDF file stay intact during the conversion to Word format. You can easily use any of these elements as per choice post conversion. The advanced features of the PDF conversion application recognizes any such element automatically and keeps them intact as per requirement.
Retain all Bookmarks and Hyperlinks:
During the PDF conversion format, all the hyperlinks and bookmarks are retained after conversion of the PDF file. All these links ensure that you can easily access all the information as per requirement in a single click.
Partial Document Conversion:
Advanced PDF conversion options in the PDF to Word conversion software lets you convert pages in PDF file as per requirement. You can select the page numbers you want to convert and only those pages will be converted in the Word format by the application.
Multiple PDF Conversion:
The PDF conversion software lets you handle and convert multiple PDF files in a single go. Simply select the PDF files that you want to convert and with a single click, all your PDF files will be converted to Word format, saving your time and efforts.
9+ User Interface Languages:
Application supports 9+ international languages. The supported languages include English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, or Portuguese.
Step-wise Easy Wizard Flow:
The application comes with easy step by step usage wizard, making it a user friendly application. The wizard flow guides you through all the steps for PDF conversion with ease.
Retain Document Superscript and Subscript:
The PDF conversion software retains all the text in superscript and subscript format in your PDF file to the converted file.
Managing Tables and Columns:
PDF to Word conversion software handles all your tables and text in form of columns in the converted file. All these elements are recognized automatically and maintained in the converted file as in original. This ensures that you can easily reuse all your tables easily.
Share converted PDF files easily:
With Docsmartz PDF to Word conversion software, you can see the file size reduced significantly in an optimized way. This naturally helps you to upload documents and download it within the fastest time possible.
Retain Replicated Content:
Docsmartz can create an exact replica of the underlined content in your PDF file to the converted Word document.
5500+ fonts supported:  
Docsmartz has capability of converting over 5500 fonts. The number is much higher than any other competitor in PDF management market. The enhanced development efforts ensure that you get an exact replica of the PDF file after the conversion to Word format.
True type fonts handled with care:
The Docsmartz PDF conversion software handles True Type fonts with care. This ensures that the replication takes place in the best way possible. Along with this, Docsmartz conversion software carefully handles even symbolic fonts in a highly enhanced way.
Convert as Formatted text, As Is, Text onlyand Image format: 
To provide you with more flexibility while PDF conversion, Docsmartz provide with multiple conversion options – Formatted Text format, As IS, Text Only format and PDF to Image format. This ensures that you can reuse the content of your PDF file as per choice and requirement.
Multiple Image Formats:  
It is More than 9+ image formats are available in Docsmartz for conversion of PDF files to image format. You can extract the images from the PDF file as well in conversion. This provides you with more flexibility than ever before while converting your PDF files. The formats include BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, and PSD, PBM, PNM and PPM.
Conversion Logs:  
Docsmartz PDF to Word provides you with the conversion logs and whole summary in detail after the conversion of your PDF files.
In-built Help file: :
In Built CHM help file ensures that you get every help anytime anywhere. The help file is well detailed and covers each and every topic.
Consistent 24x7 Customer Support::
Consistent 24x7 dedicated customer support for all our customers make us the most trusted brand in the software industry.
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