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The banking industry has always been associated with massive paperwork including statements, invoices, slips, and other documents. It becomes quite challenging for various departments to deal with all these documents every day and manage them efficiently.
For a client service-oriented business, time is a crucial entity, which shouldn't be neglected to tasks like document organization and retrieval. With DocSmartz document and workflow management tool, banks can leverage the potential of digital banking records maintenance that saves a lot of time & effort.
Here are some of the examples of how DocSmartz can make a difference for the entire banking industry.

Key features:
  • Improved Record Maintenance: DocSmartz digitizes the entire records of your bank that helps in easier record maintenance and procurement.
  • Centralized Document Storage: With DocSmartz, you can store all your documents at a centralized space and can eventually categorize data along with relevant tags.
  • Linking Multiple Documents: Storage and retrieval becomes a flawless process with DocSmartz's interlinking of multiple documents that further saves a lot of time.
  • Automates Process Workflow: One can save their productive time that otherwise gets squandered while performing redundant banking tasks. DocSmartz automates these processes to replicate your original workflow process and shuns any dependency on paper documents.
  • Create Custom Workflows: DocSmartz allows you to create custom workflows related to diverse banking processes.
  • Data Security: As a banking service provider, data and document security must be your topmost priority and DocSmartz can help you achieve it with its high-security features.
  • Enhances Efficiency, Minimizes Costs: The conventional workflow eats a lot of time of the bank employees in filling, storing, and organizing documents. By implementing DocSmartz, one can simply improve productivity and reduce costs.
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DocSmartz is an advanced bank document & workflow management tool designed to thrive productivity by minimizing the time and effort required in managing essential banking documents.

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