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Troubleshooting Questions
Why black patches are appearing on Docsmartz user interface window while converting PDF file to Word?
  This could be due to compatibility problem with Windows color scheme. To resolve, follow the steps given below:
1. Right click on your system’s desktop and click Properties from short-cut menu.
2. The Display Properties window gets displayed. Click the Appearance tab.
3. Here select Default (blue) from the Color scheme drop-down menu and click Apply.
4. It would take some time to apply the settings. Once done click OK.
I am unable to locate the converted document. Where did my file go?
  When you select the PDF file for conversion, by default DocSmartz takes the same path as the source PDF (you selected) as destination path for converted file. If you have not specified any destination path, please check the source folder of your PDF file to view the converted file. In case you have specified a new destination path, your converted file gets saved there. You can also, check Destination Folder by clicking User Option button on DocSmartz application wizard.
I have lost the DocSmartz Registration Key provided by you. What should I do?
  Please send us a reactivation request email at Our customer support team will send you the Registration Key after user verification.
Where do I need to enter the Registration Key?
  Once the application has been downloaded, you need to run the set up to install the software. When you run the application for the first time, you will be prompted for the registration key. Please enter it to complete the registration process successfully. Do make sure you are connected to the Internet during registration.

Note: Until the registration process is completed successfully, you will be prompted for the Registration key repeatedly.
Why is the Registration Key provided by you not working?
  The DocSmartz Registration Key can be used just once on one machine. This product is licensed as a single product for a single system so it can be installed only once. When you install DocSmartz on one machine using the registration key, the key gets expired. However, when you reinstall DocSmartz on the same machine, it won’t ask for a registration key.
I am unable to convert the PDF file. What do I need to do?
  If you are unable to convert the PDF file, please make sure that you have the following system requirements. Contact us at if the problem persists even if you have the required system requirements.

Intel® Pentium® processor 133Mhz or equivalent
Minimum - 64 MB of memory (RAM), Preferable - 128 MB of memory (RAM)
25 MB of free hard disk space
5 MB for Wise® Installer
SVGA monitor with 256 colors and 800 x 600 pixel resolution
Microsoft® Win 2000 / Win XP / Vista All version
Microsoft® Word 2000, XP or 2003
Internet connection for activation (Not a proxy line)
Is there anyway to detect the reason for error during file conversion?
  In case of an error, you can detect the reason by viewing DocSmartz log file. Log file is a .log file that is generated each time you convert your PDF document to Word. By default, it is located in the root of C drive and is saved with the name Docsmartz.log. This file gets overwritten each time you convert the document. Using the details in the log files, you can know exactly where the fault lies. You will see a warning message indicated by ‘W’ instead of ‘Y’. Mail us the log file to us to help us resolve your conversion problem.

Note: If you are unable to locate the log file, check the log file path setting by clicking User Option button on DocSmartz application wizard. By default it takes path to application folder for admin and My Documents for other users. You can specify your own path for log generation.
When I take print outs of the converted document, the text gets truncated from the left and right margins. How can I make sure this does not happen?
  In order take prints, please follow the steps given below:
1. Open the converted document.
2. Select the File from the Menu toolbar and select the Print option.
3. Under the “Scale to paper size” option, select A4 paper size. Note: Always check the Print Preview of the document before taking print to see if any text is getting truncated.
I cannot view the DocSmartz Toolbar in Microsoft Word? How can I view it?
  In order to view DocSmartz Toolbar in Microsoft word click the View >Toolbars and select DocSmartz Tool.
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