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Docsmartz Platinum is a great management tool that allows the users to convert, create, edit and view PDF files. The software allows you to easily manage your PDF files as it is a versatile product for your document conversion and creation needs. You can view PDF documents easily with in-built PDF Reader. It enables you to convert PDF document in batches, or partially, create multiple PDF files or merge them. It enables the users to save PDF file with advanced security options. The exclusive functionality of the software can convert Pdf to Word, Text, Image, Excel and more. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) quality converts scanned PDF professionally maintaining complete layout and formatting. You cannot get better PDF management software than this!
PDF Editor
Convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, Text, Image and Post-Script
  Convert PDF Document
  With Docsmartz users can quickly convert PDF files into Word, Excel, Text, Image & Post-Script. Docsmartz Platinum has advanced WYSIWYG features that maintains 100% original format.
  With OCR Functionality, Convert scanned PDF to editable Word
Convert PDF Document
Optical character recognition feature of the software transforms any scanned PDF documents into word format. You can easily extract text from your scanned documents.
  Batch Convert Multiple PDF files with a single click
Docsmartz Platinum allows the users to convert multiple PDF files instantly. Thus, you can save loads of time and efforts in the conversion process. Convert Multiple PDF Files
  Edit PDF files with built in PDF editor
Edit PDF files with Editor The quality of the software allows easy editing of PDF files. You can also edit the PDF files in word and make the required changes.
  Maintain 100% original layout, tables, rotated images, text etc
Maintaining original layout, columns, text and rotated images, all could be done with bundled features available on Docsmartz Platinum. Retains Original Columns And text
  Create PDF files from any windows printable file
Create PDF Files From Printable Files You can create PDF files from any windows printable file with ease. Just click on the Click PDF button and your PDF file will be right in front of you .
  Advanced features like password security, watermark and display options
Create Watermark On PDF Files You can create multiple PDF files and select from various options like password protection, create your own watermark as well as selecting the display options of PDF file.
  Merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file
Create one PDF document by combining multiple PDF files at once. Merge Multiple PDF File In Single File
  View, Print PDF with In-built PDF reader
Print And View PDF Files Docsmartz Platinum comes with In-built PDF reader that allows the users to view and manage all the PDF files. You can search your PDF files as well as print them directly.
Convert PDF files
Convert PDF to Word
Docsmartz Platinum converts PDF documents into editable Microsoft Word document (.docx, .doc, .rtf), retaining layout, text, and images. This conversion utility replicates the PDF document to fully formatted Microsoft Word document proficiently.
Convert PDF to Excel
Docsmartz Platinum allows the users to easily convert PDF files into Excel. The PDF file will be converted into a single excel sheet for your easy access. Multiple pages would be distinctly separated by a single line and pages would be numbered accordingly.
Convert PDF to Image
It also gives you the advantage of converting PDF into image. With Docsmartz Platinum you can now convert PDF into JPEG, BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, PBM, PNM, and PPM format. Individual image will be created for every page and stored in a specified folder for later use.
Conversion of PDF to Postscript
Conversion of PDF to Postscript can now be easily achieved with the advanced version of Docsmartz Platinum. It allows you to decide your output.
Handling of rotated page, text, images, and shapes
The Docsmartz software automatically recognizes rotated pages, its contents and preserves text, layout, and images in the converted Word document as in the original PDF document. If your text, image, or shape is vertical in the PDF document, it will get replicated as it is in your converted Word document. This feature is specifically beneficial for document with graphs and charts etc.
Enhanced As Is, Formatted Text, Text only, Flowing Text, and Image only features
Using various conversion options available in the software, you can do high-quality document conversions. The unique coding enables Docsmartz Platinum to execute super document conversions. The Flowing Text document layout option gives you a better quality converted document by preserving text style and font, document layout and accurate image positioning.
Batch Convert
Docsmartz Platinum enables you to Batch Convert multiple files. You can convert multiple PDF files to Word, .rtf, .txt, images and postscript format.
Supports JPX images conversion
The Docsmartz Platinum can replicate the JPX images in PDF format to the Word document. Hence, the pictures in the converted document have exactly the same output as the ones in the original document.
Hyperlink & Bookmark
If your PDF document contains active Hyperlinks and Bookmarks, your converted Word document will also display the same links. This helps the user to access additional information through hyperlinked documents or web pages.
Well-formed and managed column formation
In the converted document the position of the text lines and text columns remains intact. It makes text editing and formatting easy. During conversion Docsmartz Platinum preserves the original multi-column text and page layout. You can edit the text easily in your Word document with this PDF editor.
Improved support for symbolic fonts (alpha, beta etc)
Special care has been taken to make the software user-friendly towards symbolic fonts. This software converts the symbolic fonts precisely in the same manner as they appear in the original document.
Optimum System Resource utilization
Many document conversion software utilize computer’s memory and disk space in a way that during conversion, other programs running are unable to function smoothly. But this is not the case with Docsmartz. It uses system memory, hard disk space, and CPU in an optimized way. You can easily work on other computer programs while your document gets converted.
Supports more than 5516 fonts
The new Docsmartz Platinum can replicate text in 5516 fonts as it is in the converted Word document. Hence, the converted document looks exactly as the original.
Enhanced features for Conversion of Rotated Text
The rotated text feature of the software makes the text appear in the same manner as it is presented in the PDF document.
Improved Subscript–superscript support
The software has enhanced features that allow the superscript and subscripts to appear the same way in the converted document as they appear in the original document.
Better font mapping
When you conWhen you convert a PDF document into the Word document, in order to make the fonts match, font mapping facility is provided. In Font mapping, there is a font mapping file that automatically selects the right set of fonts, to match the original document. Docsmartz, has enhanced the font database, so as to enhance the existing font mapping features.
Embedded True Type font handling
Apart from 5400+ fonts, Docsmartz PDF to Word Converter also handles True Type Fonts successfully leaving little scope of not replicating text as in PDF files. Further, Docsmartz Platinum can also handle symbolic fonts in an enhanced manner.
You can create your own watermark by giving your own text, select font, color, style, font size and rotation angle according to your requirements. Docsmartz Platinum enables you to save your own designed watermarks for future use. You can also select from sample watermarks provided in the application.
Multilingual User Interface
Convert PDF documents to Word or .rtf in 9 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese through multilingual conversion ability.
Partial Conversion
Partially Convert PDF file by defining pages (convert page no. 1,2,..., 9-15,...) for conversion.
Create PDF files
Create PDF files
With Docsmartz Platinum, you can convert any printable file to PDF. PDF Creator is a virtual printer that lets you translate all printable file into PDF retaining 100% original layout and formatting.
Advanced Security Options
You can secure your PDF files with the use of 40-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithms. You can protect your PDF files with a password and restrict who can view, edit, copy, print or add comments to your document.
PDF quality Control
Now you can control the PDF quality through various presets like Standard, Printing, Screen/Web-Email and Press/Draft or through customizable options like conversion to gray scale or by mentioning the desired quality. This makes PDF creating experience better than ever before.
Batch Create
The feature enables the users to Batch Create multiple files. All your Text Files, Microsoft Word files, Microsoft Excel files, Microsoft Power Point files, Image files and many more files can be created through Batch Creation.
Combine Multiple PDF files
Combine multCombine multiple PDF files into one PDF document. It also enables the users to view different PDF files into a single PDF, saving your precious time.
New PDF Display options
New Version has Advanced Options like Zoom, and selecting the Page Mode, Page Layout and various Display options like Hide Toolbar, Hide menu bar, Show PDF Title with a single click.
With Docsmartz Platinum, you can create attractive watermarks for your PDF files and personalize them. Create your own watermark for your PDF file. Watermark can be created by giving your own text, select font, color, style, font size and rotation angle according to your choice.

You can save the watermarks designed by you with the button called Save Watermark for later use. These custom watermarks can later be accessed from the Sample watermark dropdown. We have some predefined sample watermarks for you.
Converting files to PDF/A
PDF/A which is also called PDF/Archive file format, supports the long-term archiving of electronic documents. The New DocSmartz PDF Creator allows you to create PDF/A files by selecting this format in the ‘Save as Type’ drops down.
Enhanced Performance
Quick and improved performance than ever before. PDF Creator now works faster and better for you.
Office 2010 & Windows 7 Compatible
The all new version of Docsmartz PDF Creator is now available in Office 2010 and Win 7 as well. It provides you the flexibility to use the software on any system as per requirement.
Overlay PDF Files
The new version enables you to easily create a PDF and overlay it with a single page PDF of your choice containing picture or textual elements.
Supports various page sizes
The application supports the publishing of a converted PDF file in several types of page sizes such as 11x7, Ledger, A0, A1, A2, A4, etc.
Send files as attachment
You can send the output PDF files as an attachment by clicking on 'Send File as Attachment'.
Set document properties
You can set the Document Properties like Title, Author, Subject and Keywords that will help you to organize your document.
Custom Compression
With the custom compression feature, user can easily convert PDF to Grayscale, convert to monochrome or customize monochrome images and fonts as desirable.
You can select the display properties with rotation style for your document and the required rotation degree.
Translate any printable file to PDF
PDF Creator is a virtual printer that lets you translate all printable file into PDF. It translates any printable file to PDF virtually.
View/Edit PDF files
View PDF files
With Docsmartz Platinum, you can easily view your PDF files. The multiple tab browsing features enables you to open multiple files in a single instance of Docsmartz Platinum. If you already have a PDF file open and then you can double-click on the other PDF file to open it in the same window.
Edit PDF Files
With Docsmartz Platinum, you can edit your PDF files directly in the PDF editor. You can edit the text in the PDF file as well as make changes in the properties of the PDF file.
Edit in Word
Docsmartz Platinum allows you to edit your PDF file in Word processor as well using PDF editor. You can edit your PDF files exactly the way you edit any document in MS word and save your PDF file. You can edit text, Images, objects and many more and create PDF files of your choice.
While viewing any PDF document, you can simply jump to any page by entering the page number in the text field at the reading panel in the bottom.
Search PDF file
The 'Search' feature helps you in searching the PDF files by simply typing the text or phrase in the pop-up window that opens up on clicking this button.
Rotate File
You can rotate any PDF file in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction while viewing to enhance our reading experience.
Email Document
You can send the PDF file you are reading to any client to speed up your daily work with a single click. The current PDF file would get attached in a new mail in your default email client software.
System Requirements
Intel® Pentium® processor 133Mhz or equivalent.
Minimum - 64 MB of memory (RAM), Preferable - 128 MB of memory (RAM)
35 MB of free hard disk space.
SVGA monitor with 256 colors and 800 x 600 pixel resolution.
Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.
Microsoft® Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010.
A Web connection is required for activation.
This product is licensed as a single product for a single system.
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